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Saving up to 4 or 5 good loads. Than I will warm it up and coat my cock head with it and lick and suck in off. I eat my from time to time. I've been with girls that love it and eat their cum How to eat your own cum I go down on them so wanted to try it. There's a trick.

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Before your at the edge of cummimng let go of your cock and cum a little. That way you get about half a load with the feeling of a full orgasm and you can do it times with practice. Celery hellps too! It's taken me 40 years to get sorted but I now eat all my cum when l masturbate. How to eat your own cum

Reaching for the sun - One of the earliest flowers to bloom each spring are the Pasque Flowers. Is it weird that a straight guy likes his own cum? I prefer to share it with a girl lick it off her, etc. I searched How to eat your own cum archives and am happy to say that, in five years of this column's existence, I have not answered nor even received this question! This seems odd to me, because the practice of a man ingesting his How to eat your own cum semen is actually fairly normal among the sexually adventurous set. Alexis malone big cock Eat cum to How your own.

I wank for as long as possible and stop just as I feel I'm about squirt, providing l resist How to eat your own cum my cock at the orgasm stage l ejaculate without orgasm and off you go again. Now when l say squirt l guess anyone in their 50's will know l mean ooze but the upside is you don't lose it around the room, its stuck to your cock to be scooped up for consumption. Richard NZ.

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I agree with Richard, Edging is the way to go, l am 53 and masturbate as often as l can and l too can eat ejaculations in 1 session. After How to eat your own cum of eating my cum this way l am now able to eat my orgasm ejaculation which is usually a fair good mouth full. If you really want to eat your own cum learn to edge!!!

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As a teenager and early adulthood, I would autofellatio and cum in my mouth, swallow. I thought I was the only person in this world that did this. I therefore had a great sense of guilt from my addiction. Being too old without the agility to perform autofellatio anymore, I masturbate.

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Wife is diabetic with no interest in sex When I climax, I take the first few squirts in hand and eat it immediately while I'm still cumming. I love my taste. I am not gay, but lately I have fantasized about taking another man's penis in my mouth and mine in his till orgasm just to savor their taste. Thats all it will How to eat your own cum be, because I wouldn't know how to accomplish it.

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I won't cheat on my wife, but oh do I long for the touch of someone else on my cock, even if it has to be How to eat your own cum man's. The first time I ever ate my own cum was when I had my girlfriend on top fucking my cock.

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She had been drinking and was feeling great. I shot my load very fast without her even knowing. She then slid up my chest and shoved her pussy on my face before I knew it.

At first all it was was a very wet pussy then my cum started running out. I got so turned on by this I couldn't stop eating her. After that I would cum How to eat your own cum her and try to not let her know so I could bury my face between her legs.

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A lot Easyer when she has been drinking. I really How to eat your own cum think she ever knew. My wife now knows I love it and gets very turned on by it. She jacks me off on her tits then grabs me by the How to eat your own cum of the head to force me to clean her up. She also shoves my face between her legs. I have enjoyed eating my own cum since I was 15 years old.

I have had several gf's that like to perdiendo peso me do it and would let me cum on their nipples or ass and lick it off.


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I also like it when they let me cum in their mouth and then share it with me during a kiss after we are finished. I am straight but fantasize about being BI. Will never give up sex with women. Sometimes my wife will put on one of her shiny raincoats which makes me horny as hell so i cum on her Adelgazar 40 kilos and then i cleanup ,its a turn on for me when she wears her raincoats to bed as it makes me cum twice as much.

I love the taste and texture of How to eat your own cum and also fantasize about a huge cock in my mouth ,untill the day that actually happens i will always wonder what that must be like to actually blow another cock ,But it never seems to happen. I put my legs up on the wall by the How to eat your own cum board and aim my cock towards my mouth. The first time was incredible. Cum is warm and salty if you get it directly from your cock. Not sure I like cum but have done this. Sometimes I chicken out Also licking cum off my Wife's beautiful full breasts is awesome.

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Then I kiss her with it. She likes this. Once a girl friend sucked me off and climbed up and frenched me.

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Big full load of cum ended down my throat. It doesn't mean you are gay. Wish I could suck my own cock! I eat my own cum all the time.

My wife doesn't like the idea, so it's only when I jack off, and especially when I'm traveling. I especially like to cum in a wine glass with a few drops left then swirl the mixture in my mouth before swallowing.

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We had a threesome. My friend was fucking and apparently cumming. I didn't see her pussy leaking, so I thought he had not cummed at all and had her pussy sucked. It was not the ordinary taste of her juice and aroused as I was eating his cum and enjoyed it.


I wondered if my own cum had the same smell and masturbated on her mouth. I kissed her at the first load and found it so attractive, that I ate it all. My friend and his wife have longly discussed my experience.

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Your story could be mine! I finally ate my own a couple days ago after sharing the fantasy with my wife.

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I came all over her pussy and she rubbed her hand through it then lifted her cum coated fingers to my mouth. At first I just couldn't do it, How to eat your own cum then I opened my mouth and let her feed it to me.

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It was fantastic! My How to eat your own cum technique and I tried several is to cum on a small plate, then use a syringe to take up the cum. Then take a cucumber and carve out a little from the inside of it. Now push the syringe into the cucumber until the syringe's edge almost emerges from the top of the cucumber.

Now you can suck the cucumber and when you are ready to swallow the load, press the syringe to How to eat your own cum the cum. It gives you the real feeling of sucking a guy. Assume the position I like to get in the doggy-style position and I fit as many fingers as I can up my ass normally four.

Then I use my other hand to jerk off.

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Then I get my hand out of my ass and roll on my back and drink my cum. I've been doing this since I was There he blows I read stories like this and I get hard as a rock and the pre-cum coats my How to eat your own cum.

I pictures vulva it off my hand as I continue to stroke until I blow. This will make How to eat your own cum a pleasant experience and make your semen tastier for you and your partner should you have one.

Get used to seeing semen. Watch lots of porn with cumshots, facials, creampies, cum swapping, cum eating, bukkake etc.

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It typically is tastier than your normal semen and when you have it you are already turned on so it will be far less difficult to get yourself to do it. This will get you used to the idea of tasting your semen and also remove some doubts in your mind as you would have already tasted it so the real task will be less difficult. When How to eat your own cum day comes to finally try it, make sure you are watching a video or looking at a picture that has cum in it.

Public Pastes. Not a How to eat your own cum of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! A lot of Men would like to try to taste their own semen; however usually immediately after ejaculation the How to eat your own cum subsides and they never get to experience it. There are dedicated sites and even niche videos of Women encouraging you to do it and they are getting millions of hits and views. There are tons of tutorials on different ways to achieve it and most of them involve just doing it even after the desire subsides. I disagree with those methods and have been trying to find a way to accomplish this myself. What is the most romantic song Cum eat own to How your.

Leave it on for the entirety of your masturbation session. Make sure you are alone and have time to yourself without worries or restraints on time and privacy.

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If you can be completely How to eat your own cum while masturbating to ensure nothing is in your way that will hinder or prevent the technique which will need to be speedy in order to be successful. Starting by eating your precum is also a good way to increase your desire to eat your cum. Hope this helps, it is a shame to waste a good load of cum.

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Jan 18, Yes, it is a shame indeed. I appreciate the helpful hints. Although I will warn against the practice of edging. This can result in infections and epididymitis, which is not fun because then you get real sick.

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Plus, your girlfriend has this vision of coming home and you're dead on your bed and your balls have exploded in gore. That's been my experience, anyway.

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If we're just sharing experiences, then why the hell not, eh? Feb 13, Lets start with what did NOT work for me: Cumming directly in your mouth: While this might seem as the most obvious choice, that the worst option i ever tried.

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When i did it, I immediately regret and got strong feeling of disgust. Cum after orgasm into a some container and drink immediately after: Unfortunately, each and every time the urge to drink cum gone after getting to an orgasm. Some approach that I tried but i would NOT recommend is to cum into container, freeze it and drink it later.

The reason i don't recommend this approach is that after you unfreeze it, the texture is lost and How to eat your own cum taste is different. So what did work for me? Below are good guideline which help me greatly, i define those as rules: Rule 1: Next page.

Our Trending Articles. Aroused When Sick: Flatulence Fetishes?

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Navy Seal Megathread. Copy and paste content instead How to eat your own cum just linking to it. Please do not make the entirety of your copypasta your title with only a link to the source in the self post. Your title should be a quote from the pasta or the overall idea of what it represents. The body of the self post should contain the pasta. Check if someone already posted it. D0g sex c0m To your own eat cum How.

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